Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) is the first female M.D. in Italian history, a great children educationalist, the founder of Montessori Pedagogy. In 1907, Dr. Montessori established the first Children’s House in Rome,Italy. She devoted all her life to children education, human spirit renaissance, human nature development and world peace. She has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize three times. She was listed by UNESCO as “the great symbol of education and world peace” .
Maria Montessori was born in the town of Chiaravalle, in the province of Ancona, Italy on August 31st, 1870. She became the first female physicianin Italy upon her graduation from medical school in 1896. She is a well-known scientist, educator, feminist, as well as an advocate for children. Her discovery in the field of children’s development and the education method developed based upon that is revolutionary. Even now, after Montessori’s first Children’s House being founded for 100 years, her philosophy in education is still innovative, encouraging many people to care for children, to provide opinion, direction and opportunity for positive social revolution.
Montessori passed away on May 6th, 1952 at the age of 81 in Netherlands. As the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori, most of her works and the pedagogical principles were further upheld and propagated . The mission of the Association Montessori Internationale is to support the natural development of the human being from birth to maturity, enabling children to become the transforming elements of society, leading to a harmonious and peaceful world.